About LAP Research

LAP Research is a registered national charity run by NHS physicians. We are the foremost UK charity researching diseases of the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, and biliary tree.

The charity has no offices, no salaries and zero overhead meaning that every penny raised is directed into pioneering crucial scientific research and education. We share our research findings with the medical profession whilst promoting a healthier lifestyle for everyone.

Our objectives are straightforward:

– Prevention
– Earlier detection
– Improved treatment
– Higher survival rates

We are always on the frontline fighting for life
We need your help please

Over recent months, our trustees have been on the frontline of the NHS. As such, all planned fundraising events have been cancelled.
To enable us to continue our research into these terrible diseases, we need your help please.

Our trustees

LAP Research Milestones

LAP Research Founded


LAP Research Website Launched


LAP Research Made ICAP Charity


Eileen Albert Travelling Fellowship Award Winner: Mr Ajay Balgaumker


Research Project: Urinary miRNA biomarker for early detection of pancreatic cancer


Eileen Albert Travelling Fellowship Award Winner: Mr Saswata Banerjee


Research Project: The Role of Stat2 in Acuce Pancreatitis


Fundraising efforts begin to support future research including the 2020 Progastrin projects


Research Project: Progastrin – patient response to chemo with colorectal cancer


Research Project: Progastrin – a faster diagnosis of patients with suspected GI cancer


Well known supporters of Lap Research

‘Lap of Honour’ is already gaining a groundswell of support, not only from the public but also from some well-known faces…

More and more people are joining us in our fight against these diseases. Please help us by getting involved as well.