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About LAP Research

LAP Research is a registered national charity run by NHS physicians. We are the foremost UK charity researching diseases of the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, and biliary tree.

The charity has no offices, no salaries and zero overhead meaning that every penny raised is directed into pioneering crucial scientific research and education. We share our research findings with the medical profession whilst promoting a healthier lifestyle for everyone.

Our objectives are straightforward: Prevention. Earlier detection. Improved treatment. Higher survival rates.

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Claire’s story

“I was ready to end my life”

“I was done, until Emergency & HPB Surgeon, Giles Bond-Smith of LAP Research saved me”

Claire Aylott, 40, from Hertfordshire and mother of three, was first diagnosed 10 years ago with pancreatitis, having been rushed to hospital on her 30th birthday in horrific pain – however little did she know that day the journey which lay ahead for her and her family would be far worse.

Well known supporters of Lap Research

‘Lap of Honour’ is already gaining a groundswell of support, not only from the public but also from some well-known faces…

More and more people are joining us in our fight against these diseases. Please help us by getting involved as well.

Support Katie

Katie is a Clinical Research Fellow at The Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences. She is just one of the growing number of people who have already pledged their support to LAP Research. As an ambassador for the charity, Katie is running her own ‘Lap of Honour.’

Please show your support for LAP Research and Katie by sponsoring her ‘Lap of Honour’. Click on the ‘Donate’ link below and give whatever you can for Katie’s lap. And come sunshine, hail or rain, you can be assured we will be there, cheering her on…

Create your own Lap of Honour

Join us and become involved by recruiting sponsors and completing your own ‘Lap of Honour’. Just choose what ‘lap’ challenge you want to do, ask as many sponsors as you can (family, friends, work colleagues) to sponsor you, get a friend to video you completing your ‘lap’ (or take a selfie), and send your video and sponsorship money to LAP Research below. We will post your video on social media and in the ‘Supporters Vids’ section of this site.

  • Walk your dog on a ‘lap’ of your own
  • A ‘lap’ around the garden
  • A ‘lap’ in the local park – running or walking
  • The rowing machine in your gym
  • A ‘lap’ or two in your local pool
  • Round the kitchen table in fancy dress.

Wherever it’s SAFE to do so – please observe current rules and restrictions


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You could live without your pancreas, but it wouldn’t be easy. For one, you would need to give yourself insulin shots on a daily basis because you would develop diabetes. A helping of enzyme pills would also be needed to help you digest food. It's clear that the 6-inch-long pancreas, located behind your stomach, has crucial functions—and that's why diseases like pancreatic cancer and pancreatitis are often so devastating.LAP Research funds vital research into fighting diseases of the liver and pancreas.#lapresearch #pancreas #pancreaticcancer #pancreatitis #pancreatitisdiet #pâncreas #pancreatitissucks #pancreatitisawareness #pancreatiteaguda #pancreatitisfighter #pancreatitiswarrior ... See MoreSee Less
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WHAT ARE THE CAUSES OF ACUTE PANCREATITIS?Gallstones and drinking too much alcohol are the two most common causes and together account for around eight of 10 attacks of acute pancreatitis. Gallstones cause problems when small stones pass out of the gallbladder into the bile duct and temporarily block the pancreas. Alcohol is a toxin to the pancreas and some people are more susceptible to damage from alcohol than others. Damage occurs both with binge drinking and regular excess drinking. LAP Research funds vital research into fighting diseases of the liver and pancreas.#lapresearch #pancreas #pancreatitis #acutepancreatitis #clairespancreas #clairespancreaticawareness #pancreaticcancerawareness #pancreaticcancer #gallstones #gallstonesurgery ... See MoreSee Less
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Look After Your LiverLiver disease is the third leading cause of premature death in the UK. 90% of liver disease is preventable.Three quarters of people are currently diagnosed at a late stage when it is too late for lifestyle changes or intervention.LAP Research funds vital research into fighting diseases of the liver and pancreas.#lookafteryourliver #lapresearch #liverdisease #liver #liverdisease #liverandpancreassurgery #liverhealth #liverfacts #liverstatistics #liverdiseases #liverdetox ... See MoreSee Less
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